Sam's Projects

Here's a curated list of projects I've worked on, completely outside of work (at least initially), though the firm has since adopted some of them.

Osler Code Detect
I'm one co-creators of a web-based free open source scanner developed to assist Osler's open source practice. It's a very neat tool that scans source code using regular expressions to identify potentially problematic licenses.

You can try Osler Code Detect by: clicking here

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Generator
There are too many great clients, but only 24 hours a day to work with them. On a Friday summer night, I tried looking for great terms of use / privacy policy generators and, while many exist, few are actually suitable for Canadian organizations. Lots of enterprise companies purport to offer contract assembly solutions for Canadian organizations, but they are unweldy and overly-complex - often taking months and months for organizations to deploy. I wanted to see how difficult this undertaking was to get to a minimum viable product in a day, and this was the result.

You can try the prototype Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Generator by: clicking here


TBD. Global Legal Hackathon (3rd Place) Project


TBD. Associate Innovatino Challenge 2nd Place Project.

Email Companion

TBD. Legal Tech Hackathon Project.